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Who we are


B.M.V. s.n.c. founded in 1974, is concerned with machines design and manifacture, as well as with industrial and landed equipements.

Its seat is in Alba (Piedmont), a famous wine- growing and wine producer centre, where the most prestigious Italian vintener’s shops, together with the most over - refined landed equipements for vineyards, operate.
Our trimming machines are , at present, exported in lots of foreign countries, according to their different models.

Our production, thanks to avant- garde settings up and technologies as well as highly qualified staff, is able to realize all the machines in full; the different strokes of the execution are:

  • mechanical working
  • steel working
  • welding
  • assembling
  • essays in the firm and in the fields

The marketing is based on different sales zones, distributed both in Italy and all over the world in order to ensure a detailed servicing.

How to reach us

How to reach us