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The new B.M.V. pruning machine for green and dry trees model FL200P has been developed for pruning green and dry intensive orchards with or without anti-hail net.
For dry pruning it can fit discs Ø 350 for branches until 6-7 cm. of diameter.
For green pruning, in a quick and easy way, it is possible to fit knives.
The upper TOP cutting group can work both on vertical and horizontal and can be equipped with an automatic device with retractable feeler next to poles and cables for anti-hail net. A further register allows the same TOP cutting group to be manually regulated about 70 cm in height.
The belt transmission has no need of registration.
The power is delivered by the hydraulic intakes of the tractor itself, in case it supplies at least 40 l/min of oil; otherwise it is possible to have an independent hydraulic tank complete with pump/overgear and cooling radiator.
All models are equipped with trolley and protections for idle machine.
The 4 hydraulic movements for elevation, inclination, sideways movement, TOP inclination allow the machine to better adapt to any row.
The machine FL200P stands out for its hardiness and easy employment; the assembly and dismount are quick and easy on any kind of tractor.

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Italiano - Depliant FL200P (PDF Download)729.01 KB

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